IT Manager


Job Location

Georgetown Guyana


Essential Qualifications:



Essential Qualifications:


  • In-depth knowledge of Firewall

  • Proficiency with Switches and Access Points,

  • Familiarity with Camera systems -

  • Hands-on experience with GKB Systems, specifically VM ware and Dell.

  • Mastery of Gateway

  • Must have a strong foundation in Routing and Switching

  • Proficiency in virtualization and hands-on experience with Terminal and RDP protocols.

  • Thorough understanding of Office365 and Azure platforms.

  • Strong ability to troubleshoot and configure wireless transmissions.

  • Knowledge of the Windows Server environment.

  • Understanding of VOIP Phone Technology.

  • Knowledge of Fiber Optic Termination and Transmission will be an advantage.

  • Proficiency in virtual backup solutions.

  • PC repair and maintenance experience.

  • Knowledge of Cloud Hosting, especially for QuickBooks, is a significant plus.



Core Responsibilities:


  • Ensure efficient operation, maintenance, and optimization of all IT infrastructure.

  • Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot Firewall, Switches, Access Points, Cameras, Systems and Gateway.

  • Oversee and manage Routing and Switching

  • Spearhead virtualization projects and ensure proficiency with Terminal and RDP protocols.

  • Administer and maintain our Office365 and Azure environments.

  • Troubleshoot and configure wireless transmissions and ensure network stability.

  • Manage and support Windows Server environment.

  • Assist with the setup and management of Grandstream VOIP Phone technology.

  • Oversee PC repairs and routine maintenance.

  • Support cloud hosting operations, primarily for QuickBooks.

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