Junior Sales Clerk


Job Location

31 High and Hadfield Streets, Werk-en-Rust , Georgetown


Preferably Male

The role is a Junior Sales Clerk is to ensure they are knowledgeable of the company's products and service to deliver an unforgettable experience to the customers. Sales clerks are to be teachable people with great communication skills. Must be able to support the team at all costs. 



5 subjects at C.X.C including Maths and English.

Technical Skills in our products will be an asset

Must be computer literate.

Previous work experience will be an asset.

Must be willing to learn.

Must be able physically- fit.

Must have a police clearance.


Jr. Sales Clerk Duties and responsibilities:

1.    Sales   

2.   Collecting of prospective customer contact information

6.   Ensure sales process is followed and develop ways to improve the system

7.   Monitor stock level in your department by ensuring daily stock requisition is made and where necessary inform purchasing department of low-level stock and fast-selling stock.

8.        Ensure customers are attended to in the stipulated time and served.

9.        Attend all training sessions and meetings.

10.      Learn the company’s product features and benefits, to better serve customers.

11.      To assist in the delivery of items to customer vehicle/premises

13.    Ensure your sales goals are met monthly.

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