Store Clerk


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Ogle, East Coast Demerara


The Store Clerk is under the supervision of the Technical Store Supervisor and is responsible for the inventory control of the store.


  • At least 5 CXC Subjects

  • Must have 1+ year experience in similar field

  • Must be computer literate

  • Must be able to work flexible hours (Would be an asset)


  1. Ensure inventory control of all parts outgoing and incoming.

  2. Prepare monthly reports for unserviceable in the quarantine store required for shipping to vendors for repairs, parts beyond economic repairs, status of parts sent overseas for repairs and parts (new and repaired) received for the month.

  3. Carry out initial inspection of all parts received for transit damage and or for proper documentation.

  4. Maintain an accurate records of documents relating to stocks received in the technical stores and ensure appropriate release documents accompanied the parts. Also, check if the documents contain any note or limitations (such as modification standards, life limitations, lubrication, or retirement from service) and ensure this information is passed on to the Chief Engineer.

  5. Maintain the quarantine store in a satisfactory condition, clean and orderly and that the temperature and humidity are within acceptable limits.

  6. Ensure that incoming parts are inspected by a store inspector and issued with a company serviceable tag and the parts information is entered in the inventory and properly routed to the bonded store along with the release documents.

  7. Ensure that parts kept in the quarantine store do not in any way deteriorate due to negligence and that they are easily identifiable.

  8. Report to the store supervisor any unsatisfactory storage conditions of parts or deterioration of any parts held in stock.

  9. Ensure that parts received damaged are properly documented and returned to the vendor(s).

  10. Follow the AMO safety and security policies and programmes.

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