Office Assistant/Merchandiser


Job Location

Lot 555 Plantation little Diamond East Bank Demerara


1.     Must be professionally attired with Uniform and Badge.

2.     Adhere to policies and procedures.

3.     Execution of payment to Payees when instructed.

4.     Display a high level of communication skills and professionalism towards customers and suppliers.

5.     Purchase various items for the company.

6.     Make payments, deliver and uplift documents for NIS, GRA, Customs/Broker etc.

7.     Uplift and deliver company correspondences.

8.     Any other related duties that may be assigned.


1.     Sound Secondary education.

2.     Owner of a motorcycle.


1.          Products should be adequately merchandised.


2.          Stocks should be arranged in a systematic order that has been established by the Manufacturer or Distributor.


3.          Advise products on proper Merchandise placement e.g. Food in Food section and Cosmetic in Cosmetics section.


4.          Storeowners should be made aware of expiry dates of products eight (8) weeks in advance.


5.          Keep stock balance of each supermarket or store attended by Merchandiser.


6.          To strengthen and keep our (FIFO) first in first out method of packing.


7.          Merchandisers must be creative and share ideas.


8.          Avoid conflict with storeowners and their employees.


9.          Goods on shelf must be dusted regularly.


10.      All merchandising materials must be used for product where and when available.


11.      All prices must be distinctively shown on products or on shelf tags, on shelves, etc.


12.      Take orders when necessary.


13.      Merchandisers should/must participate in any Company promotion, products giveaways, hampers, etc.


14.      Must participate in whatever training available.


15.      Merchandisers must be observant and report competitive activities that may be of advantage or disadvantage to this Company.


16.      An effective communication system with Sales Representatives and Warehouse, etc.


17.      A fortnightly stock survey in all of our key accounts (or when specified).



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