Operations Officer


Job Location

Bel- Air-Park, Georgetown


The Operations Officer is responsible for the procurement, logistics, and inventory management functions  to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and efficiency of processes and procedures within a company. The Operations Officer will also be responsible for fleet & facilities management and ensuring compliance with health and safe standards.


Job Requirements:

The Operations Officer position requires a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Administration, or any other related field plus;

A minimum of two(2) years experience in operations managment.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Good leadership and management skills
  • Good written and oral communications skills
  • Knowledge of best basic practices
  • Proficiency in Software, including Microsoft Office Suite
  • Good analytical skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills



The duties and responsibilities of the Operations Officer are outlined as follows:

  • Developing operations systems by determining product handling and storage requirements; developing, implementing, enforcing, and evaluating policies and procedures;
  • Developing and maintaining processes for receiving products, equipment utilization, inventory management, and shipping.
  • Working closely with the CEO and management team to continually develop policies, procedures, and systems, and actioning their implementation.
  • Analyzing and improving organizational process and workflow, office space requirements, and equipment layout; and implementing changes.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment by following and enforcing HSE standards and procedures; complying with legal and industry regulations.
  • Working in conjunction with the HR, Finance, and Technical Departments to ensure the smooth operations of the office and any performance enhancement programs developed by the organization.
  • Analyzing inventory and work in collaboration with the Finance Department to ensure the organization is utilizing inventory effectively, acquiring the right equipment, maintaining solid inventory data, and reducing unnecessary inventory expenditures.
  • Performing operations quality controls and monitoring key production performance indicators.
  • Contributing operation information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; and preparing and completing action initiatives.
  • Implementing production, quality, and customer-service standards; correcting disruptions; completing audits; and assessing trends.
  • Managing relationships with key operations vendors, including but not limited to managing vendor pricing and service levels.
  • Safeguarding and managing the maintenance of company vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Serving as point of contact in resolving customer issues related to equipment and quality; for any accidents and mishaps on-site, which includes any incident on-site or at client facilities, such as damages or defacement of customer or client property.
  • Communicating customer issues with management and devising ways of improving the customer experience, including resolving problems and complaints.
  • Communicating all operating policies and/or issues at department meetings.
  • Managing operational budgets and forecasts.
  • Participating in educational opportunities related to job role.

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IMON Wireless Solutions Inc.


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