Internal Security


Job Location

31 High and Hadfield Streets, Werk-en-Rust , Georgetown


The Internal Security Officer will be part of a team responsible for ensuring the maximum protection of all the company's assets. Inclusive of its building, equipment and machinery, vehicle, and inventories.


Minimum 5 subjects at C.X.C, and Computer skills. 


Personal competencies

• Capacity to work both independently and in a team-oriented environment.

• Ability to effectively complete the tasks entrusted.

• Capacity to easily adapt to changing priorities and timelines.

• Strong communication skills in English (oral and written);

• Ability to learn quickly and attention to detail.

• Proactive, critical thinker.



1. Verify Customer Bills to the physical item 

2. Greeting and Directing customers 

3. Regularly Check and Ensure back gate is Locked and only Authorized Persons to enter

4. Secure all items that are placed on the pavement.

5. Check Bags Entering and Exiting the Store 


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