Auto Electrician


Job Location

Batavia Quarry Mine - Region 7


Auto electricians specialize in installing and maintaining electrical systems contained in automotive vehicles. Auto electricians mainly work for auto service centers where they install, inspect, repair, and maintain all the electrical parts contained in a vehicle.


1.      High school diploma and auto electrical qualification certificate.

2.      Proven work experience as an auto electrician  

3.      experience with heavy equipment machines.

4.      Advanced knowledge of modern vehicular electrical systems.

5.      Ability to work in confined spaces.

6.      Complex problem-solving skills.

7.      Ability to operate electrical diagnostic equipment.

8.      Good communication skills.

9.      Ability to distinguish subtle color variations.


1.      Installing new vehicle wiring systems.

2.      Installing and troubleshooting immobilizer and alarm systems.

3.      Gathering information from customers about issues with their electrical system.

4.      Diagnosing electrical issues and proposing a course of action.

5.      Providing customers with estimated time and cost for repairs.

6.      Repairing and replacing faulty wiring or electrical systems.

7.      Servicing of electrical automotive parts.

8.      Servicing and repairing electrical systems on agricultural vehicles.

9.      Maintaining a clean working environment.

10.   Completing job reports and processing paperwork.

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Ekaa Hrim Earth Resources Management


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