Deck Officer


Job Location

Al Dreamer Vessel


Realistic Job Review:


1.     You will have a chance to be exposed to different cultures as a result of cultural diversity.

2.     We promote a high level of morals and work ethics.

3.     We are enthusiastic about promoting our employees.

4.     We have a flat organizational structure and we remove unnecessary layers of management to improve the speed of communication between employees and to ensure every employee’s voice is heard.


1.     Possible language barriers may occur because of cultural diversity.


1.     Diligent, punctual, honest, organized and resilient

2.     Excellent seafaring knowledge of Guyana and the Caribbean waterways

3.     Be self-motivated, disciplined and enthusiastic

4.     Must be in good general health

5.     Minimum secondary school graduation certificate with passes in at least five (5) CSEC subjects (Including Mathematics and English A)

6.     No less than five (5) years of experience working on a vessel

7.     Certificate of Competency from Guyana MARAD


Core Responsibilities:

1.     Ensure all waterways procedures are followed and safety measures are adhered to.

2.     Passage planning and safe navigation of the vessel.

3.     Monitor the loading and discharging of ship cargo.

4.     Maintain vessels and equipment and conduct regular inspections

5.     Communications and maintenance of the hull and deck equipment.

6.     Direct and coordinate crewmembers or workers performing activities such as loading and unloading cargo, steering vessels, operating engines, and operating, maintaining, and repairing ship equipment.

7.     Set courses and determine speeds using charts, plotting sheets and compasses.

8.     Record ship positions and movements.

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Pacific Leopard International Trading Inc.


Quarrying Company

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