Job Location

Ogle East Coast Demerara


Responsible for receiving, reviewing, maintaining, and filing all technical source documents for all the Company

Aircraft and Engines.



 -Five (5) subjects at CXC inclusive of English Language and Mathematics.

 - Must be computer literate.

 - Previous working experience in the relevant field would be an asset.


- Must be able to communicate clearly, both written and oral.

- Must be reliable, dependable and able to follow instructions.

- The ability to learn company-specific software.


We are seeking a meticulous and knowledgeable individual for a key role in our Technical Records Department. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of aviation terms, phonetics, and engineering personnel responsibilities.

Some of the Key duties include:

  1. Deep understanding of aviation terminologies and engineering roles.

  2. Knowledge of aircraft fleet details, including registration, type, and engine specifications.

  3. Monitoring and ensuring adherence to maintenance schedules and regulatory compliance.

  4. Managing aviation library system, including updating manuals and locating directives.

  5. Recording aircraft operational data and maintaining statutory logbooks.

  6. Preparing inspection work packs and managing airworthiness data.

  7. Overseeing certification, licensing, and inspection schedules.

  8. Maintaining and organizing technical records and manuals.

  9. Filing and managing aircraft documents, including preparations for overseas flights.

  10. Assisting with various administrative tasks in the Technical Records Department.

Ideal candidate should be committed to maintaining high standards of aircraft safety and compliance.

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Air Services Limited


With over fifty (50) years of experience in the aviation industry, Air Services Limited (ASL) provides a safe, efficient and reliable service to all of Guyana’s interior destinations. We are located at the EFC International Airport, Ogle, East Coast Demerara
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