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233-234 Camp Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana


The Driver/Assistant is responsible for transporting people and/or goods in a safe, timely manner and always exercising due care and attention. They may drive various types of vehicles, but their job is to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safely and on time. Driver/Assistant must be able to multitask effectively while driving. This includes everything from handling instructions, and other messages to keeping an eye on the road and responding to any emergencies that might arise. They should also be prepared and responsive and willing to meet each challenge directly.


  • Sound secondary education.

  • Valid Guyana driver’s license.

  • At least five (5) years’ experience in a similar role.

  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

  • Good time-management skills and multi-tasking ability.

  • Good health and fitness record.

  • Two (2) recent character references.

  • Must be reliable and willing to work flexible hours.



 This position is “hands on” and includes but not limited to the following essential duties:

  • Transporting executives and other company officials in a safe and timely manner and as per instructions and guidelines.

  • Collecting, purchasing and delivering items as per instructions of company officials.

  • Providing security for executives, company officials and any other occupant while being transported, including monitoring their well-being, and handling any security threats or issues that arise.

  • Maintaining vehicle inventory, ordering parts, and arranging for maintenance and repairs as may be needed.

  • Driving executives or company officials to meetings, conferences, social engagements, and other events as requested

  • Ensuring that the executive’s or company official’s schedule is organized effectively to maximize productivity.

  • Providing assistance with luggage and other items as requested by the executive or company official.

  • Staying informed about current local events and activities that may be of interest to the executive or company official so that he or she may be informed about community activities and events.

  • Coordinating with other staff members at the executive’s or company official’s company to ensure that all requests are handled appropriately.

  • Assisting with security measures such as checking identification badges at the door of an event or making sure that alarms are set before leaving a building unoccupied.

  • Monitoring traffic conditions, including road construction and congestion, and relaying information to the executive or company official in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made.

  • Complete any special assignments or other tasks as assigned from time to time.

A Job By

FutureCare Alliance Inc.


Future Care Alliance Inc. is a purpose-driven Guyanese-owned company, and is the parent company of Future Care Pharmacy, which is a new, state-of-the-art, retail pharmacy located in Central Georgetown. The pharmacy is one of the businesses within the Future Care Alliance group of businesses and is focused on best-in-class customer service and experience. Future Care Pharmacy provides the widest range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, medical devices, personal care products and other basic everyday needs.

As part of its unwavering commitment to delivering the best customer service, patient care and product lines, Future Care Pharmacy has invested heavily in technology and product portfolio which are designed to meet every need of its customer base. The Company has adopted a strategy of understanding the needs of its customers, finding the best, most affordable product lines and delivering an experience which leaves the customer completely satisfied.

Future Care Pharmacy is managed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to the vision and culture of the company and whose skill and experience contribute to the overall success of the organization. New members of the team are trained and equipped with the tools necessary to deliver the company’s objectives and are provided with a pleasant and comfortable work environment. The Company’s executive leadership has set clear goals of ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion in its operations and promoting transparency at all levels in the organization.

As part of its commitment to giving back to the communities it serves, Future Care Alliance Inc. is steadfast in its support to programs that benefit all strata of society and is also committed to being an exemplary corporate citizen by adopting strategies aimed at sustaining and preserving the environment and contributing to the well-being of the communities which it serves.

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