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Eccles, E.B.D


A growing logistics and online shopping company is seeking a Driver to join our team. The ideal candidate should have a strong commitment to safety, excellent driving skills, and the ability to represent our company professionally.


  1. Diligent, honest, punctual, responsible, and co-operative.

  1. Completion of a secondary education or a minimum of a sound secondary education.

  2. A minimum of three (3) years driving experience.

  3. Valid Driver’s License: Motor Car, Motor Van, Motor Bus & Motor Lorry

  4. Must be flexible and trustworthy.

  5. Must have a professional disposition and pleasant personality.

  6. Must know the places and routes in and round Georgetown.


  1. Safely transport vehicles and packages to designated locations.

  2. Adhere to all traffic laws and regulations to ensure a safe driving environment.

  3. Assist with loading and unloading of vehicles and packages as needed.

  4. Assist with clearance at the airport at least twice a week.

  5. Maintain a clean and organized vehicle at all times.

  6. Follow delivery schedules and routes as assigned.

  7. Provide exceptional customer service when interacting with clients or customers.

  8. Keep accurate records of mileage, fuel consumption, and deliveries.

  9. Take staff to and from company errands - bank, GRA, NIS etc.

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