Warehouse Manager


Job Location

Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara


Responsible for Plant/Warehouse operation and maintenance. Establish plant policies and procedures.
Responsible for plant production goals. Establish and maintain community relations. Foster a well-trained and motivated staff.


Five subjects CXC (Maths & English would be preferred)

A Minimum of 3 years experince as a Warehouse Manager or similar.

Ability to manage Inventory.


  1. Assist to establish, direct and coordinate plant operations within company policies and procedures.
  2. Maintain a clean and safe Warehouse/plant.
  3. Responsible for establishing strategy to achieve plant production goals. Responsible for establishing all shift production schedules.
  4. Responsible for upkeep of proper/requisite inventory management. Ensuring Stock are properly labeled and stock are rotated as FIFO unless otherwise notified/informed by CEO
  5. Establish and maintain strict vehicle and equipment management.
  6. Ensure that environment by-laws are enforced and adhered.  
  7. Accountable for plant security of Inventory, equipment and tools. 
  8. Develop and implement maintain an occupational health and safety regime.
  9. Confer with department heads to ensure coordination of purchasing, production, shipping and delivery.   

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Associated Packers Industry


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