Driver of Motor Car


Job Location

Lot 108, Third Street Alberttown, Georgetown, Guyana


  • Transport clients, staff and/or packages to and from destinations

  • Punctual and the ability to arrive at destination ahead of schedule

  • Fulfill administrative needs, like office pickups, assisting with purchases

  • Research and plan for traffic, road construction and weather delays

  • Use navigation applications to determine the best route

  • Knowledge of Government office in and around Georgetown

  • Interact with clients and staff professionally at all times

  • Ensure that the vehicle is always fueled and ready for use

  • Arrange for vehicle repairs and Maintenance as needed

  • Keep mileage records and repair records up-to-date

  • Must be flexible and have the ability to adapt quickly


A valid Drivers License

Over 5 years of experience driving 

Police Clearance 

working Hours will be Monday to Friday 7:50am to 4:50pm and half days on Saturdays 



Submission of Documents to Governments institutes.

Must have a fair knowledge of the location of Government institution and Private entities in and around Georgetown.

Must be willing to familiarize yourself with the documents required and processing time line for submitted documents.

Must be trust worthy, Punctual and available to do bank related errands

A Job By

Ekaa Hrim Earth Resources Management


We are committed to providing world-class workforce solutions to companies operating in the various sectors at all stages of a project lifecycle. We are an industry leader in global talent acquisition that is evolving rapidly. Our strong network has successfully connected skilled specialists with clients and enabled them to mutually benefit. While organizations have taken their businesses to the next level, employees have achieved professionalism and personal development in this partnership initiated by us.
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