Marketing Assistant


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31 High and Hadfield Street, Georgetown


• Project Management - initiating, planning, executing, Controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. Spearhead any assigned Marketing task.

• Customer Query - FB, LinkedIn, Instagram etc (In the absence of the Sales Associate)

• Website - Organize the orders and respond to live chat (In the absence of the Sales Associate

• Complete 90 day marketing plan and yearly marketing plan(using the 5 ways lead sheet to select strategies)

• Ensuring customers are attended to in the stipulated time and served

• Complying with all other company rules and regulations and ensuring that the Store’s Policy and Procedures are followed.

• Offering Technical and Sales assistance to the other team members when needed.

• Act as a representative on behalf of the Store.

• Adhere to the company’s values, mission and vision

• Video and document all processes relating to JD where necessary.

• Any other duties specified by the Manager.


Diploma in Marketing or higher,

two years of working experience

computer literate/ graphic designing.


Marketing Research - analyze competitors, and strategies & present

a) Price Comparison Findings and recommendations

b) Mystery Shopping

c) Phone Audit

d) Etc.

2. Follow-up calls – Complete min. 50 follow-up calls per day. Add 10 persons to the WhatsApp group weekly

3. Email marketing

4. Update indoor and outdoor screens.

5. Supervise the Marketing department to meet all the goals and objectives in the absence of the supervisor.

6. Database Management

7. Customer response - FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, tic tok in the absence of the E-commerce Sales Rep.

8. ISO Audit - 1 audit per quarter

9. Updating marketing medium file.

10. FAQ manual update.

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