Company Driver


Job Location

Versailles, West Bank Demerara


As a Company Driver, you will play a critical role in ensuring safe and efficient transportation for company personnel and materials. You will be responsible for driving company vehicles, adhering to traffic rules and regulations, and maintaining the vehicles in a clean and operational condition. This position requires a responsible and reliable individual with excellent driving skills and a commitment to safety.


  • A valid driver's license (MC/MV)

  • Proven safe driving record.

  • Knowledge of local traffic laws and regulations.

  • Good physical condition (as the job may require lifting and carrying).

  • Strong communication and customer service skills.


  • Safely operate company vehicles for employee and material transportation.

  • Adhere to traffic laws and regulations.

  • Plan efficient routes and ensure timely arrivals.

  • Conduct basic vehicle maintenance and report issues.

  • Maintain a clean and safe vehicle.

  • Prioritize safety and compliance with company policies.

  • Keep accurate trip, mileage, and fuel records.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Manage fuel consumption and replenishment.

  • Respond to emergencies as needed.

  • Run errands and assist with other tasks.

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DrillTec Guyana Inc.


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