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Kale Constructions is seeking applicants for the position of Tower and Communication Technician (TCT). The TCT will perform duties both at height (on towers or other high structures) and on the ground.  Duties will include rigging (climbing) for tower erection, IT networking, and electrical and solar systems, antenna, dish and cable installation, and mounting hardware on towers from 50 – 460 feet tall.  The TCT will operate hand and power tools, erect scaffolding, prepare and unpack tools and equipment for storage and transport, and assist with general record keeping. The TCT will perform tasks involving physical labour of building, lifting, hoisting and other actions consistent with Tower Rigging and Networking.

The TCT position is a full-time position and will include irregular and extended hours. The TCT will be required to travel to various parts of Guyana as work demands. The TCT’s principal place of work is Georgetown, and this will be their base when there is no active field project or when a project is located in proximity and allows for daily return. Extended deployments may range from overnight to multi-week, as is required for some Interior/Hinterland Projects.  Living conditions vary and is dependent on available local facilities and infrastructure.  Travel may include air, river and/or road. 



·       Completion of High School

·       Experience working on tall structures (e.g. buildings, poles, towers)

·       Training or provable experience in one of the following:

o   Electrical

o   IT or IT Networking

·       Able to travel out of town for extended periods

·       Able to be available at short notice to handle client emergencies

·       Able to work flexible hours including nights, weekends and holidays

·       Manual dexterity and the ability to handle heavy cables and ropes (approx. 11 and 25 kg)

·       Able to work in unfavourable or unfamiliar environments, e.g. muddy sites, jungle locations

·  Able to physically use safety equipment (hard hats, high-visibility vests, goggles, harnesses, etc)

·       Ability to prioritize, manage projects and multi-task with minimal supervision

·       Strong interpersonal and communication (verbal and written) skills

·       Exceptional Problem solving and trouble shooting skills

Highly desired:

·       Possession of a driver’s licence

·       Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with shifting priorities

·       Strong Customer Service orientation with a positive, outgoing and optimistic personality

·       Clean, well organized, detail oriented and must be a quick learner

·       Ability to handle stressful situations professionally and appropriately

·       Work with and around heavy equipment, trucks, ATVs and comfort with small planes.


Under the direction of the CEO or his delegate, the Tower and Communication Technician will perform the following duties:

·       Assembly, Erection and Maintenance of Towers

·       Installation of Network and Solar equipment, Cables, Antenna and other Tower hardware  

·       Assist with electrical wiring and IT systems installation

·       Select and pack for assignments as directed.  This includes loading and unloading trucks, organizing convoys, etc.

·       Organize and store equipment

·       Check safety equipment post assignment for wear and tear

·       Attach loads to rigging equipment to provide support and preparation

·       Assist with general site cleanup and daily maintenance of rigging equipment

·       Ensure all work is done according to project and safety instructions

·       Other duties and responsibilities consistent with the business of Kale Constructions and role of the TCT

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