Admin/Company Driver


Job Location

45-47 Water Street, Georgetown


Provide transportation and support functions to the administrative office and other departmental personnel. He/she must ensure assigned vehicle is kept tidy and in operational condition and make necessary inspections with prompt reporting.


  • Ability to read and write

  • Ability to operate canter, pick-up trucks, and motor car will be an asset

  • Knowledge of traffic rules and regulation

  • Ability to work weekends, holidays, mornings, and nights when necessary

  • Ability to perform light physical tasks

  • Ability to conduct basic servicing of the assigned vehicle/s

  • Polite and customer friendly


  • Conduct purchases, transaction, and deliveries for office and other departments/agencies (this includes paying and uplifting bank cheques , transporting fuel, drinking water, and other items as required)

  • Transport garbage and other waste materials to dump site

  • Transport company personnel on work-related task

  • Documented all movement of assigned vehicle in the log book provided (this involves, writing legibly and keeping the log book in tidy condition, and submit for weekly inspection)

  • Conduct basic servicing of the assigned vehicle (this involves checking: light, tire, horn, wiper, water, and oil every morning and afternoon by the use of a specific checklist provided)

  • Regularly clean and wash assigned vehicle (as required –vehicle must be tidy and in clean condition at all times)

  • Facilitate and support random inspection of vehicle by security, reporting supervisor or management

  • Facilitate and support personal breathalyzer test when required (under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited and will NOT be tolerated)

  • Clearly documented and promptly submit the inspection report/checklist of any deficiency identified

  • Ensure adequate approval for any personal errand/s (this is not allowed, unless approved by the Executive Director)

  • Follow a strict Handover/Takeover procedure and document and report any unusual observation (This involves adequate inspection and documentation to avoid the innocent being held responsible)

  • Ensure you have the necessary tool and items require to keep the assigned vehicle tidy and clean

  • Ensure that you are in contact during official working period/hours (this involves ensuring your cell phone is operational to make and take calls)

  • Ensure the ‘task completion’ and ‘reporting back’ method is adequately adhered to (this includes that upon the completion of every task given, you need to report back to your supervisor)Ensure the rotation system is adhered to (this involves working on some weekends and operating the three classes of vehicles as directed)

  • Any other related duties assigned

A Job By

Muneshwers Ltd


Muneshwers Limited, a third-generation family-owned company in Guyana, South America, is one of the most successful and diversified businesses in the country with a proven track record in every area of commerce that we have entered in.

Our Motto: We Offer Solutions, Not Excuses

Our Mission: Providing reliable services through accountability and engineering, through constant upgrading, and being in compliance with exemplary standards and safe practices resulting in a totally satisfied customer.

Our Vision: To be the leading most competitive Company in its’ sectors of commerce with an unsurpassed environment that will provide maximum benefit to all stakeholders, especially Customers and Employees.

Our Core Values:

  • Lead with Integrity.

  • Commitment to customers.

  • Growth and Innovation.

  • Promote efficiency.

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