Account Coordinator


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27 Hadfield Street, Georgetown.



The Account Coordinator will play a critical role in ensuring the efficient movement of goods by effectively coordinating driver schedules, tracking shipments, and maintaining communication with drivers, customer service, and third-party carriers. This role requires excellent communication skills, the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and a strong commitment to ensuring on-time pickups and deliveries.




  • 5 successful passes or more at CSEC or equivalent. Diploma preferred.

  • 6 - 12 months experience in a leadership role.

  • 6 - 12 months of customer service experience.

  • Excellent computer and administrative skills.

  • Computer literate (excel, word, email, Google Docs)


  • A strong work ethic.

  • Customer service skills.

  • Great attention to detail.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication.

  • Able to multi-task and prioritize assigned tasks in a fast-paced environment.



  • Updating Driver and Dispatch Information: Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of driver assignments, schedules, and availability. Communicate changes to drivers and dispatchers as needed.

  • Initiating 3rd Party Tracking: Collaborate with third-party tracking providers to initiate shipment tracking. Ensure real-time visibility of shipment locations and update relevant parties on any delays or issues. Work to get 3rd party drivers to accept Trucker Tools / Macro-point tracking. Help drivers with downloading and follow-up if not tracking appropriately. 

  • Processing In and Out Times: Record in and out times accurately for shipments at both shipper and delivery locations. Use this data to track driver performance and optimize efficiency.

  • Verifying On-Time Pickup: Prioritize same-day pickups by proactively contacting drivers to confirm on-time pickup schedules. Address any deviations or delays promptly to ensure timely departures.

  • Verifying On-Time Delivery: Monitor in-progress shipments to verify on-time deliveries. Communicate with drivers and delivery locations to address potential delays or issues that may arise.

  • Updating Customer Service: Provide regular updates to the customer service team regarding the status of loads. Communicate any delays, issues, or changes in delivery schedules to ensure transparency and manage customer expectations.

  • Updating Misallocations: Maintain accurate records of misallocations and discrepancies utilizing the 2:30 report.

  • Adding CRST Trailers for PO Loads: Update and manage trailers associated with PO (Power Only) loads from CRST. Ensure accurate trailer information is maintained for effective load tracking and trailer continuity.

  • Utilizing Capacity Tools: Utilize tracking tools such as SkyBitz, Vantage, customer portals, and carrier websites to monitor and track shipments in real-time. Ensure accurate and timely updates are provided to all stakeholders. Utilize Carrier 411, Mcleod, Trucker Tools, DAT.

  • Interact and assist other Capacity Coordinators.

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