Operations Supervisor


Job Location

Non-Pariel, East Coast Demerara


An Operations Supervisor oversees the general operations of the company. This role oversees the overall manufacturing process to ensure optimized production. This entails supervising and directing personnel responsible for every stage of production to ensure manufacture of a high quality and cost effective product.



·        Previous experience as an operations supervisor or similar role

·        Hands-on experience implementing operational processes

·        Knowledge of operational principles and policies

·        Team leadership

·        A sound secondary education.

·        Good health and fitness record.

·        Valid ID

·        Police Clearance (Within the last 6 months)

·        Motor Lorry License

·        Between ages 25-40


Duties and Responsibilities

·        Ensuring that safety guidelines are followed at all times by workers

·        Managing a team of workers who perform tasks such as picking up supplies, loading and unloading trucks, or performing maintenance on machinery

·        Supervising subordinates to ensure that they are performing their jobs correctly

·        Training new employees on the duties of their positions

·        Provide administrative support (e.g. updating inventory and other records)

A Job By

Aquafina Water & Ice Inc


Aquafina Water and Ice Inc is an Incorporated & Trademarked bottled water company located at Lot 160 Section D Non-Pariel East Coast Demerara, Guyana that focuses on providing high-quality, filtered bottled water which can be identified via a red bottle cap o the 5 gallon bottles which is also patent registered by laws of Guyana. The company uses proprietary technology to filter its water and provide the best tasting water on the market. The bottled water is properly capped and labeled accordingly before being distributed to the general public. The company also plans to distribute bottled water to other locations throughout Guyana.

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