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A dedicated Sales Development Representative / Booker to execute outbound calls and appointment-setting strategies. The objective is to engage with individuals from an existing email list, discern their interest in the coaching program, and secure bookings for calls with those who demonstrate a genuine interest. The role extends to managing outreach and customer service for individuals on the waitlist.


  1. Proficient in English with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  2. Experience with outbound calls and appointment setting.

  3. Ability to use CRM software.

  4. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

  5. Customer service experience, with the ability to handle objections and provide solutions.

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Goals and Objectives:

  • To filter and identify potential leads from the existing email list who show an interest in the coaching program.

  • To effectively set appointments with interested prospects to increase the conversion rate for the coaching program.

  • To provide exceptional customer service to waitlisted individuals and keep them engaged with the program.

Key Responsibilities:

A. Outbound Calls:

  • Initiate calls to individuals on the provided email list.

  • Deliver a clear and compelling message about the benefits of the coaching program.

  • Pre-qualify potential clients based on their interest and readiness to participate in the coaching program.

B. Appointment Setting:

  • Schedule calls or meetings between interested parties and client.

  • Manage and update appointment calendars to ensure a smooth scheduling process.

  • Follow up with prospects when necessary to confirm appointments or reschedule as needed.

C. Outreach:

  • Implement targeted outreach strategies to engage with individuals on the waitlist.

  • Communicate updates, news, or changes in the coaching program to maintain interest.

  • Handle any objections or questions from prospects in a professional and informative manner.

D. Customer Service:

  • Provide responsive and courteous customer service to inquiries from the waitlist and email recipients.

  • Collect and document feedback from prospects to improve future outreach efforts and program offerings.

  • Resolve any issues or concerns raised during interactions with potential clients.

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