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Newrest Guyana Inc. requires for its professional connection a Nutritionist with certified knowledge and experience in food services, menus, recipes, weight staging, and events. Desired candidates would serve both onshore and offshore missions.


Control, plan and execute all the processes that are followed in the food service, guaranteeing the offer of a varied, and balanced diet, participating in research and advising the food service in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of the customers, and ensuring the food service meets hygienic requirements.


Desirable experience in customer service and care. 

Minimum 2 year of experience as a nutritionist 

A diploma or degree in Nutrition / Food & Nutrition would be preferable for the position, however significant experience in a similar position would be accepted. 



Mission of the position: 

Plan and supervise all the parts related to the nutrition scope with the required controls and quality levels. 

Job functions: 

Quality system- Ensure all processes conform to management system requirements and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Basic Nutrition 

Control of processes in preparation of meals and diet planning  

Plans, coordinates and controls the activities in the QHSE area. 

Evaluation of Menu Cycles 

Control in the transformation of raw material 

Establishment of quality controls in relation to nutrition. 

Monitoring of performance metrics and nutrition KPIs to ensure client needs are met 

All those assigned by his/her direct superior, within the scope of their powers and within the framework of the fulfillment of duties. 


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Newrest is Specialist in out-of-home catering in 57 countries, and the only player to intervene in all sectors of catering and related services, Newrest is one of the world leaders in multi-sector catering. Our 29,500 committed and talented employees do what is necessary to offer consumers balanced, diversified and tasty meals while scrupulously respecting hygiene and food safety standards.
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