Job Location

1-2 Lamaha and Vlissengen Roads


We are looking for an experienced person to produce sales by providing marketing and shelf-management services to our retail and wholesale customers by ensuring our products are always displayed in the right quantity, variety and co-ordination.


  1. 5 Subjects CXC inclusive of Mathematics and English.
  2. A certificate in marketing/customer service would be an asset.
  3. Proven working experience in merchandizing or similar field.
  4. Good written and verbal skills.
  5. Good interpersonal skills.
  6. Excellent presentation, co-ordination and decision making skills.


  1. Plan and develop merchandizing strategies that will meet the customer's expectations and the sales department objectives.
  2. Analyze customer's behavior towards products to anticipate needs and restocking plans.
  3. Collaborate with customers and the sales team to provide quality customer service by producing layout plans for store shelves and inventory.
  4. Maximize sales and customer interest by displaying the products appropriately in each store/supermarket.
  5. Build professional customer relationships to consider markdowns, discounts, sales and promotion events and provide feedback to your sales team.
  6. Check shelves for expired/short-dated items.
  7. Remain up to date with market trends and policies.

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Cirkel Distributors Inc.


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