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1. A primary role of hospital Pharmacy Assistant is filling medications orders (in-patient charts/discharged cards)

requested by physicians.

 The Pharmacy Assistant must read what is requested and then select the correct drug, amount and

dosage. When measuring and filling containers with the proper dosage of medications the Pharmacy

Assistant will have the responsibility of creating and labeling the container with the appropriate

information such as how much to take, when and how often to take it, and any possible side effects or

interactions the drug may have.

2. Deliver medications to the nursing units within the hospital.

3. Verify and price prescriptions, counting pills, filling and labeling bottles.

4. Completing patient and insurance paperwork and keeping track of and maintaining inventory and supplies.


- Five Subjects CXC inclusive of Mathematics and English Language 

- Must be computer literate.

- Good oral and written communication skills.


1. Responsible for inventory control within the hospital pharmacy:

 Remove expired medications, rotate stock, and perform other inventory control duties as assigned,

requisitioning for stocks from the stock room.

 Packing stocks issued to the pharmacy from the stock room.

2. Also responsible for filing prescriptions and keeping track of the paperwork associated with such.

3. Recording temperature of the refrigerator on a daily basis.

4. Accurately record all prescriptions/in-patient charts details into the respective registers.

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