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The Administrative Assistant is central to coordinating project activities across different departments within the company. Their role is essential for maintaining a clear overview of daily activities, tracking progress towards sprint goals, and identifying areas where management should direct their focus. The need for this role arises from the current inefficiency in transferring data from meetings to project boards for accurate task status tracking.


-Software Integrations:

• Asana: For project and task management.

• Slack: For team communication.

• GSuite: For document creation, spreadsheets, and email communication.

• Read Ai, Lucid, Canva: Tools likely used for creating and reviewing project-related documents, diagrams, and presentations.


Key Responsibilities:

Daily Board Management: Overseeing the project boards to ensure they accurately reflect ongoing and completed tasks.

Task Status Updates: Updating the status of tasks based on progress reports from team meetings and direct communication with team leads.

Review Documentation and Meeting Notes: Ensuring all documentation and notes from meetings are accurately reflected in the project management tools.

Material Gathering for Reports: Assisting in the collection of necessary information and materials for compiling reports.

Sprint Planning and Reporting: Working with team leads to prepare for upcoming sprints and compiling after-action reports to assess performance.

Meeting Coordination: Facilitating meetings with team leads to manage department-specific boards and ensuring effective time management during these meetings.

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