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The Canter Driver provides transportation and support functions to the administrative office and other departmental personnel. He/she must ensure that the assigned vehicle is kept tidy and in operational condition, and must make necessary vehicular inspections and prompt reporting.


  • A valid driver’s license to operate canter, pick-up trucks, and motor car

  • Completed Secondary School

  • Proven experience as a driver with a clean driving record

  • Ability to read and write.

  • Knowledge of traffic rules and regulation.

  • Knowledge of area roads and neighbourhoods.

  • Ability to perform light physical tasks.

  • Ability to conduct basic servicing of the assigned vehicle/s.

  • A polite and professional disposition.

  • Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations.

  • Ability to communicate effectively.

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.

  • Customer friendly.

  • Ability to work flexible hours.  


  • Determine driving routes ahead of time to determine the most expedient trip, adjust route as necessary.

  • Transport products, materials, and staff securely to areas where they are needed.

  • Conduct purchases, transaction, and deliveries for offices/departments/agencies.

  • Document all movement of assigned vehicle.

  • Conduct basic servicing of the assigned vehicle.

  • Facilitate and support random inspection of vehicle by authorized personnel.

  • Adhere to the handover/takeover procedure.  

  • Ensure that the ‘task completion’ and ‘reporting back’ method is adequately adhered to.

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Muneshwers Ltd


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