[One] Payroll Specialist


Job Location

Georgetown, Guyana


Position Overview: 

This post is opening up for someone versed in the intricate workings of payroll and payroll-related matters. Has an appetite for a challenge, a maestro at superior execution, and would thrive in an environment that's contagious with Smiles, Energy, and excitement.

Responsibilities Overview:

This role involves executing payroll processing and advisory at a high level with varied global scenarios and sector-specific applications, championing clients' requests as per agreed timelines.




Either or a combo of: CAT (completed) | ACCA Level II | Diploma / Degree in Accountancy or equivalent


2 years min. previous experience

Skills & Traits:

- Detailed and articulate

- Independent Thinking

- Team player & a Professional

- Honest, Smart, Humble, Collaborative

- A Closer



Manage all areas for assigned clients, in particular the agreed outcomes.

  1. Review and familiarize yourself with Client Statements

  2. Process their payroll per statement

  3. Produce all reporting

  4. Manage and respond to their queries

  5. Work collaboratively with team lead and fellow team members

A Job By

Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc.


Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc. is a mid-sized professional service-based company formed in 2017 with Payroll [Solutions] as a Service (PaaS) as part of our core offering. 

100% owned and operated by Guyanese experts, we cater to a diverse clientele including local businesses and global enterprises.

With a commitment to being Responsive, Big on compliance, knowledgeable, and bolstering our Client-Partners' success is definitive of our essence which makes us a strategic partner in supporting our clients. So much so, that the endorsement from General Manager Ms. Tracey Lewis of Guyana Lottery Company stating that working with us has been one of the best business decisions she’s made, stands as a testament to our impact.

Our team’s collective effort, dedication, and synergy have led to the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2021. A milestone that reflects our team’s commitment to excellence. 

Clients appreciated our ability to distill germane information given our extensive knowledge in various types of Payroll, HR, and Tax matters across several sectors on demand.

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