Bond Clerk


Job Location

1-2 Lamaha & Vlissengen Roads


The bond clerk will be responsible for assisting in the maintenance of the bond and its functions.


3 Subjects CXC- Inclusive of Mathematics & English

At least one year of experience working in a retail warehouse environment.

Good communication & Interpersonal Skills



  1.  Assist bond coordinator in overlooking all stocks and equipment stored in the bond.

  2.   Ensure proper and correct delivery of all stocks/items leaving the bond

  3. Check and maintain accurate records of all goods received in bond and do a listing of expiry dates and items received.

  4.  Ensure that both proper authorization and document are received for all goods leaving and entering the bond (e.g. an invoice, inter-department transfer, or charged bill, etc.)

  5. Reports immediately any abnormalities, which will affect the smooth operation of the bond.

  6. To provide support services to the Sales Representatives and/or general service to the company as a whole.

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Cirkel Distributors Inc.


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