Procurement Officer


Job Location

Houston, EBD


A Major International Operator is currently seeking a Procurement Officer.


·        Knowledge of the professional environment

·        Knowledge of the law and regulations specific to the business

·        Familiarity with computer tools: Microsoft Office suite

·        Ability to summarise, analytical mind

·        Management skills

·        Teamwork capability


·        Defines the need to issue a call for bids

·        Leads the search for new local suppliers depending on the enterprise's needs

·        Keeps the local supplier's purchase reference documents up to date.

·        Completes the call for bids file for purchase requisitions

·        Selects suppliers to be invited to bid, in compliance with the Group's purchasing policy.

·        Verifies that local suppliers are financially sound and that they respect regulatory commitments, particularly with regard to tax organisations.

·        Aligns bids with suppliers, technically and commercially.

·        Produces Offer Comparison Tables (TCO)

·        Negotiates offer so as to achieve the objective of the BR (Request Form) in collaboration with the Purchaser Headquarter.

·        Gets the Operation Manager to validate the final choice at the end of the negotiations.

·        Complies with evaluation procedures for new suppliers and purchasing procedures for the final choice of the selected supplier.

·        Verifies orders and ensures that they are signed by authorized persons.

·        Makes sure that the supplier accepts the order without reserves.

·        Makes sure that quality and deadlines defined in the order forms are respected, and that all clauses in the contract are applied.

·        Deals with any disputes with the supplier during the execution of order forms.

·        Issues reminders to suppliers in the case of late deliveries and informs the project leaders.

·        Checks supplier invoices and identifies nonconforming invoices.

·        Makes an annual evaluation of local suppliers, based on services provided.

·        Monitors transit of purchases made.

·        Checks that transported goods and equipment comply with the customer's reference documents

·        Cooperates with customs to verify contents of containers.

·        Manages all customs documentation.

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NSBomega, from its headquarters in St. John’s, Canada and Stavanger, Norway proudly serves its clients’ projects throughout the world. With over 30 years proven experience, NSBomega continues to grow to expand its global footprint and is actively seeking business opportunities across the world. Our clients are industry leaders and rely on our ability to mobilize personnel throughout the world. With world-class service in mind, NSBomega Guyana Inc, a majority Guyanese and woman owned entity, started in 2018 with the goal to serve Guyana’s developing Oil & Gas Industry.