Dentist / Dental Surgeon


Job Location

169 Parika East Bank Essequibo


Job Description

We are searching for a knowledgeable dentist who can provide a range of services to our patients. The dentist will meet with patients, assess their dental health, perform scheduled cleanings, handle complex procedures, such as root canals, extractions, and oral surgery, and work with other staff members, such as dental hygienists and assistants, to provide our clients with quality dental services. You should also be able to assist in the management of the practice and promoting better oral hygiene.

To be a successful dentist, you should be caring, communicative, and experienced in diagnosing and treating dental ailments. You should also be skilled with the various tools and procedures needed to correct dental complaints and ensure the oral health of patients.



Doctorate of dental surgery or dental medicine.

Dental license and malpractice insurance.

Additional experience, certifications, or licensing may be required.

Strong computer skills and experience with healthcare databases and applications.

Willingness to comply with all rules and regulations of the dental consel of guyana and laws regarding dental and health care.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, the ability to keep detailed records.

Comprehensive knowledge of dental procedures, tools, and diagnostics.

Good management skills


Dentist Responsibilities:

Meeting with patients to discuss and treat dental concerns, perform regular cleanings and other preventative procedures, and establish a plan for better dental hygiene.

Performing dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, and filling cavities, sealants, stain removal, taking x ray, Gingivectomy Surgery, preparation for crown and bridge, taking impression for dentures, whitening.

Correcting bite issues and overcrowding.

Applying helpful agents to teeth, such as sealants or whiteners.

Prescribing medications for dental problems, such as pain medications or antibiotics.

Giving clients sedatives or anesthesia prior to administering treatments.

Ordering diagnostic measures, such as x-rays, models, etc.

Using tools, such as drills, probes, brushes, or mirrors, to examine and treat teeth and mouth.

Keeping records relating to the oral health of patients and the treatments given to them.

Managing and communicating with other staff members to provide care to patients.

A Job By

Renali Dental Lab & Clinic, Inc


At Renali Dental Lab & Clinic we treat our patients as valued members of our extended family. Our team delivers expert care with compassion and gentleness, and we always have your best interest in mind. When you join our practice, you can count on dedication, proficiency, and the most advanced dentistry available. Our services will enhance and protect your oral health — for life! Studies show that good oral health contributes to good overall health. We believe this wholeheartedly and will always do our best to make sure you enjoy your visits. The more comfortable you feel, the better you’ll feel about returning. Our service include Dental Checkups, Cleanings and Polishing and Dental Restorations, Sealants, Whitening, Root canal Treatment, dental Extraction, X Ray, Crown and Bridges, Partial and Complete Acrylic Dentures and much more.

We want you to feel confident in our commitment to providing a safe environment to both our team and our patients. We adhere to strict mandated infection protocols and have implemented Surgically Clean Air units to ensure clean air inside our practice.

We use state of the art technology to provide you the best care possible

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