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45 Hadfield Street, Stabroek, Georgetown


Taxi Drivers Wanted (Full-Time & Contract)

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We are seeking reliable and experienced Taxi Drivers to join our growing team! Whether you're looking for full-time work or a flexible contract position, we have the opportunity for you.


  • Must have a safe and reliable vehicle suitable for taxi operations (you will be responsible for providing your own vehicle)

  • Proven experience as a competent and professional driver

  • Valid Guyanese Driver's License, National Identification (ID) Card, and Car Registration


  • Competitive compensation package (one of the lowest base fee rates in Georgetown!)

  • First week free! No base fee required during your first week of employment.


We are located at 45 Hadfield Street, Stabroek, Georgetown (opposite White Castle Fish Shop).

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Phone: 616-9612 or 505-0377

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  • Adhering to the company's rules and procedures at all times.

  • Being available to answer calls or respond to the radio at all times (unless there's a valid emergency).

  • Collecting clients at the start of their journey in a timely manner.

  • Assisting clients with the loading and unloading of their baggage and other personal belongings, as needed.

  • Selecting the fastest route to the client's destination, unless otherwise requested.

  • Driving clients to their destinations.

  • Always charging the clients the correct fee as stipulated in the company's policy.

  • Being respectful towards the clients at all times.

  • Adhering to road regulations.

  • Ensuring that clients remain safe throughout the journey.

  • Processing cash payments, ensuring that you carry sufficient change at all times.

  • Ensuring that the vehicle remains clean and in excellent working condition.

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