Broker Officer


Job Location

27 Hadfield Street, Georgetown


The Freight Broker matches shipper with transportation services in order to transport goods and vice versa.  He/She is responsible for pairing authorized and reliable transportation carriers to the shippers; through utilizing the tools available to validate the carrier and coordinating all of the shipping needs for many companies.


  • 2+ years’ experience as a Broker. Operations Management experience would be an asset.
  • 5 successful passes or more at CSEC or equivalent. Diploma in a related field preferred.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • A strong work ethic
  • Outstanding people skills
  • Protect company and customer information in accordance with company policies and procedures.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work well under various stressful and time sensitive situations.
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to multi-task and prioritize assigned tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Possess professional and courteous demeanor
  • Able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.



  • Freight Brokers are required to apply the ‘Cradle to the Grave’ approach
    • Locate suitable transportation carrier to facilitate freight movement from point of origin to destination.
  • Based on assigned locations, build a database of carriers through daily prospecting to facilitate efficient and prompt movement of customers’ freight
    • Database should include carriers with capacity for the following:
      • Power Only
      • Dry vans
      • Reefers
      • Drop trailers
      • Specialty equipment (Flatbed, Step decks and heavy haulers )


  • Create the loads under correct customer category
  • Accurately build and close off all jb within the system
  • Ensure the database is updated to reflect customers required information
  • Maintain carrier database
  • Ensure each carrier insurance data is updated within the system during setup
  • Screen carrier reviews for unacceptable behaviors before onboarding a carrier
  • Follow up on carrier payments with the relevant personnel
  • Complete weekly carrier performance review and submit to relevant personnel
  • Ensure carriers submit PODs within the specified time based on the customer’s requirement
  • Build a database of manufacturers/distributors through daily prospecting to cater for opportunity to increase freight movement
  • Communicate with customer on delays with any shipment
  • Customer should be informed of any delay or setbacks of load movement to minimize further escalation
  • Ensure every driver is setup using the required system
  • In the process of booking a load, brokers ensure that carriers understand the importance of tracking the shipment
  • Accurately update database with the required data


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Express International Incorporated


An outsourcing company dedicated to supplying all of the needs of trucking companies around the globe through the use of experienced support personnel and technology.
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