Talent Acquisition Specialist


Job Location

27 Hadfield Street, Georgetown


The Talent Acquisition Specialist is responsible for sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees in line with the company’s recruitment policies and guidelines. They factor in the long-term goals of an organization and acknowledge that people play a huge role in a company’s future success


Familiarity with social media, resume databases, and professional networks

Certificate or bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, or similar.

2-3 years of experience in recruitment.

Knowledge of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs)


Input into the overall hiring strategy of the organization to ensure our teams consist of a diverse set of qualified individuals.

Ensure the staffing needs of the company are being met, with a long-term talent strategy in mind.

Devise and implement sourcing strategies to build pipelines of potential applicants, such as employer branding initiatives.

Create and implement end-to-end candidate hiring processes to ensure a positive experience.

Form close relationships with hiring managers to ensure clear candidate/interviewer expectations

A Job By

Express International Incorporated


An outsourcing company dedicated to supplying all of the needs of trucking companies around the globe through the use of experienced support personnel and technology.
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