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Georgetown Guyana


The Logistics Specialist provides subject matter expertise to operating teams. Expert resources for Logistics may include aviation, marine, shore base, ground transportation, and camp services to deliver safe reliable, and cost-efficient logistic services. Demonstrates good planning, scheduling, coordination, and administration skills and can influence without authority at all levels within an organization. The Logistics Specialist may cover some or all the responsibilities listed below. Typical Job Positions may include Logistics Specialist, Aviation Specialist, Marine Specialist (Sea River Maritime (SRM) Operations - Fleet Manning, Marine Procurement Analyst) Shore Base Specialist, Ground Transport Specialist, and Camp Services Specialist.


  • BS in Engineering, Construction Management, or a Technical Degree in a related field.

  • Demonstrates good communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Must be able to network effectively across organizations.

  • Behavioural Skills: adaptability, analytical capability, applied learning.

  • Effective communication, and sound decision-making.

  • Functional Skills: Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) management

  • Operations and maintenance, managing critical operations, operations-specific technology and unit or area, maintenance management, logistics, and general marine operations. 


  • Implements operations and maintenance design philosophies including project specifications.

  • Provides technical support and coordination of Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS), Global Product Quality Management System (GPQMS)/Global Product Integrity Management System (GPIMS), Hydrocarbon Controls Practices (HCP) matters, Unit Internal Assessment (UIA), and audit preparation.

  • Provides technical support and coordination of risk assessments, incident investigation, and conceptual and pre-front Engineering Design (FEED) studies.

  • Supports coordination of cost management and productivity improvement plans.

  • Supports operating teams troubleshoot complex issues and may provide operations assistance during peak loads.

  • Provides technical support and input to training development and delivery.

  • Participates in cross-functional initiatives.

  • Supports Operations Management as requested.

  • Shares Best Practices and provides feedback for enhancement.

  • Participates in company networks.

  • Supports logistics teams in troubleshooting issues.

  • Provides support to ensure all Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Export Controls requirements are met.

  • Provide support and logistic assistance to the local Emergency Response Team (ERT).

  • May provide support for fixed asset inventories of Logistics Assets.

  • May support and coordinate aviation services including Personnel Tracking, Flight Scheduling, Aircraft Fuelling, Aviation Communication, Helicopter Landing Operations (HLO) Duties and Operations, and ERT Duties.

  • May support and coordinate Marine services including Personnel Tracking, Vessel Scheduling, Marine Fuel Mgmt., Marine Communication, Cargo Transfers, and ERT Duties.

  • May support and coordinate Shore Base services including Material Handling/Tracking, Yard Operations/Security, Cargo Transfers, Fuel Mgmt., Dangerous Goods and Waste Mgmt., and ERT Duties.

  • May support and coordinate Ground Transportation services including Vehicle Scheduling/Maintenance/Tracking/Applying aspects of the Passenger & Service Vehicle Safety Management Guide (PVMG)/Apply guidelines from Security, and ERT Duties.

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