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Georgetown Guyana


Our client, Infinite Office Solutions Inc., is seeking a passionate, knowledgable, self driven applicant to fill the position of a Sales Associate.


The ideal candidate should possess a combination of sales experience, IT knowledge, communication skills, and industry awareness to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the sales associate role at this company.

  • Previous experience in sales, particularly in B2B sales or corporate sales, is essential. The candidate should have a proven track record of developing and expanding client portfolios.

  • Strong networking skills are crucial for responding to leads generated by the company's marketing efforts and for building relationships with corporate clients.

  • A solid understanding of IT services and equipment is necessary to assess client needs accurately and make appropriate recommendations.

  • The ability to prepare and deliver compelling sales presentations to corporate clients is essential.

  • Strong negotiation skills are required to successfully close sales, negotiate package discounts, and secure long-term contracts with clients.

  • While not necessarily required to be an IT expert, the sales associate should have sufficient technical knowledge to provide basic technical advice to clients after sales.

  • Excellent communication skills are necessary for answering client questions, describing product benefits, and discussing the pros and cons of various products or services.

  • A willingness to learn and stay updated on trends and innovative products in the IT industry is essential. The candidate should attend trade exhibitions and industry events to gain familiarity with cutting-edge products and market developments.


In this role, you must be able to generate IT (information technology) sales and business, develop relationships with new clients, make sales visits and presentations, maintain advanced knowledge of Infinite Office Solutions products and services, and meet sales goals.

Develop and expand a portfolio of corporate clients by networking and responding to leads generated by The Company’s marketing efforts

· Assess client IT needs and make recommendations, including service packages and IT equipment

· Prepare sales visits and presentations to pitch product, service, and combination packages to clients

· Demonstrate IT equipment to highlight product benefits

· Negotiate sales, package discounts, and long-term contracts with clients

· Provide technical advice after sales

· Establish sales goals and implement a plan to meet those goals

· Track progress toward goals and document sales performance

· Become fluent in all products and services offered by The Company through testing, demonstrations, and research

· Answer questions, describe benefits, and discuss pros and cons of various competing products or services

· Gain familiarity with the IT industry, and stay updated on trends and innovative products

· Create marketing literature and help develop web-based features to promote products and time-sensitive sales

· Attend trade exhibitions and industry events to learn about cutting-edge products

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