Day-Time Security Guard


Job Location

Lot 'E' Luckhoo Street, Durban Backlands, Georgetown


Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, and access points. Investigates security breaches, incidents, and other alarming behavior. Controls traffic by directing drivers. Completes reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities.


2-5 years experience in a similar role.

Excellent professional skills.

Physically fit.


Assertive with good interpersonal skills and trustworthy.


Guard VYC property against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal entry, performing any combination of the following duties: patrol periodically the building and grounds.

Examines doors and windows, and gates to determine that they are secure.

Warns violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles, and apprehend persons.

Watch and report irregularities such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors left unlocked.

A Job By

Volunteer Youth Corps Inc.


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