Job Location

KFC Vlissengen Road


  • Working Hours from 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday.
  • Strong verbal and Mathematical Skills.
  • Knowledge of Accounting Software.
  • Proficiency in utilizing Microsoft Word and Excel.


  • CAT Certificate in accounting
  • 3 years’ experience in accounting


  • Prepare entries for cost of sales.

  • Prepare bank reconciliation (cashbook and QuickBooks)

  • Reconciliation of salary advance and loan

  • Recheck staff incentive forms to ensure accuracy.

  • Post overseas invoices to QuickBooks.

  • Prepare statement for customers detailing and amounting outstanding biweekly and follow up on payment.

  • Submit all Nalico medical insurance form and ensure payment are done on a timely basis.

  • Ensure that closing balance for critical items are entered into NBO.

  • Payroll preparation for Vlissengen road restaurant.

  • Costing of all purchases from Sysco, reconcile landing cost, update stock ledgers in QuickBooks.

  • Recheck issues of warehouse stock against NBO.

  • Prepare purchase orders in QuickBooks

  • Request and issue Books and deposit bags to restaurants.

  • Assist in any other duties assigned.

A Job By

Beharry Restaurant Holdings Inc.


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