Finance Clerk


Job Location

GMCS Office, 23 Oleander Gardens, East Coast Demerara.


The Finance Clerk supports the delivery of GMCS’ projects at the national, regional, and community levels. Under the direction of the Administrative Manager, supports the financial aspects of all of the organization’s projects including project budgeting, financial tracking and reporting.



  • At least Level 2 CAT

Professional Experience

  • At least one year of experience in a similar position

  • Knowledge of basic bookkeeping and financial transactions


  • Excellent verbal, and written communication skills in English.

  • Self-motivated with a positive and proactive attitude and the ability to work under pressure, prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

  • Excellent organizational, analytical and team-building skills.

  • Able to multitask and work across multiple documents and platforms, with attention to detail.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and QuickBooks


  1. Prepare Petty cash vouchers and payments.

  2. Reconcile the petty cash float monthly to ensure that cash on hand aligns correctly.

  3. Prepare Petty cash reports for reimbursement when the petty cash float reaches a minimum of GY$15,000.00 to be approved by the Administrative Manager and Project Manager.

  4. Prepare a bank reconciliation statement for all five GMCS bank accounts by the 7th of every month for the previous month to be checked by the Administrative Manager and approved by the Finance Director.

  5. Prepare cheque payment vouchers and ensure the following:

  • Quotations/ invoices/ budgets/ payment breakdowns are approved by the Project Manager or Finance Director.

  • Ensure that a follow-up mechanism is in place for outstanding receipts and when payments are made, receipts/ vouchers are reconciled and attached to the cheque payment voucher.

  • When cash has to be sent into the field, prepare payment receipts in accordance with budgets/ payment breakdowns and ensure signed receipts is received and filed accordingly.

  1. Ensure cheques are signed by relevant signatories.

  2. Maintain monthly creditors’ listing of all unpaid invoices.

  3. Ensure payments are processed timely and following relevant policy and procedures as listed in the Financial Standard Operating Procedures.

  4. Update QuickBooks daily ensuring cheques, deposits, and donations/disbursements are recorded.

  5. Update expense reports for all projects daily.

  6. Prepare invoices for receipt of funds using QuickBooks.

  7. Update the fixed assets register when assets are added or moved and carry out a physical verification biannually to confirm the existence and condition of the assets or, for assets in-field, ensure the relevant staff carries out the same process and documentation is completed.

  8. Maintain a record of removal of assets from the office by ensuring staff removing assets signs and serial number, date and time taken recorded.

  9. Verify when assets are returned and record the date and time.

  10. Update the fuel account every week, ensuring all calculations are correct, and communicate any errors to the store for rectification.

  11. Ensure calculations in the boat logbooks are correct and ensure any errors are rectified.

  12. Provide clerical support to the Administrative Manager for annual audit process.

  13. Maintains information and files of all financial aspects of the projects.

  14. Coordinate with and provide the Administrative Manager with continuous and transparent information as required.

  15. Performs other duties as assigned.

A Job By

Guyana Marine Conservation Society


In 2000, the Society was formally registered as a non-governmental organization under the Friendly Societies Act of Guyana as the ‘Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society’ (GMTCS). Membership comprised of environmentalists, academia, the private and public sectors and communities. The organization’s conservation journey started in the late 1980s with a sea turtle conservation program in indigenous communities to conserve the nesting habitats of four species of endangered sea turtles along the one hundred kilometers of coastline along the Shell Beaches stretching between the Waini and Moruca Rivers. In 2004, GMTCS was identified as the lead organization by the Environmental Protection Agency to spearhead the Shell Beach Protected Area process and this resulted in the area becoming Guyana’s only coastal protected area in 2011. Guyana’s growing marine and coastal conservation needs, resulted in the organization expanding its mandate in 2014 from its primary focus on sea turtle conservation to other important marine species, their habitats, wider marine and coastal ecosystems and communities. The organization was then renamed the ‘Guyana Marine Conservation Society’ (GMCS).


We're a country-wide community of ocean lovers all working together towards our vision of a sea full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.


We fight for the future of our ocean through people-powered action, with science on our side.


We work around Guyana protecting our seas, and also contribute to international data and legislation.

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