Property Maintenance Technician


Job Location

Sheriff Street, Georgetown


The property maintenance technician will support the maintenance group and maintain and install or replace damaged or malfunctioning systems or fixtures within residential or commercial properties. These types of technicians are usually on call to fix unexpected problems and perform repairs when needed.

Our team is currently looking for a Property Maintenance Technician for a client in the construction industry. In this role, you will address common maintenance issues across multiple properties.



·         High school diploma or GED certificate

·         Vocational or trade school certification preferred.

Skills or Experience

·         At least three years of property maintenance technical experience.

·         Comprehensive knowledge of plumbing, heating, HVAC, and electrical systems

·         Physical ability to bend, crouch, and lift objects throughout the workday.

·         A valid driver's license is a plus.


  • Respond to service requests and perform general residential and building troubleshooting, preventive and corrective maintenance, and repairs including carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and locksmithing.

  • Evaluating and repairing issues as they arise and communicating with Supervisors when outsourcing is necessary.

  • Track repair and maintenance orders and make detailed notes and reports of tools, and measurements.

  • Requisitioning the necessary supplies, equipment, and tools, monitoring inventory, and working within stipulated time frames.

  • Ensuring safe working practices and that the building follows safety and quality regulations including maintaining fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and other safety systems.

  • Conducting regular inspections to determine which areas in the building need attention.

  • Supervising contractors and other workers, when necessary, who may be unfamiliar with a building’s layout.

  • Keeping maintenance schedules and records up to date

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