Maintenance Worker


Job Location

Little Diamond, E.B.D


This role involves tasks such as weeding, sweeping, and keeping the compound clean. The ideal candidate should be diligent, detail-oriented, and able to work independently.


  1. Secondary Education

  2. Previous experience in maintenance or landscaping preferred but not required.

  3. Ability to operate basic maintenance tools and equipment.

  4. Physical stamina and ability to perform manual labor.

  5. Strong attention to detail and ability to follow instructions.

  6. Good communication skills and ability to work well independently or in a team.


  1. Perform routine maintenance tasks to keep the premises clean and presentable.

  2. Weed gardens, flower beds, and other landscaped areas.

  3. Sweep and clear debris from walkways, parking lots, and outdoor areas.

  4. Dispose of trash and recyclables in designated areas.

  5. Monitor and report any maintenance issues or repairs needed.

  6. Maintain cleanliness and organization of maintenance equipment and supplies.

  7. Follow safety protocols and guidelines while performing tasks.

  8. Assist with other maintenance duties as assigned.

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Ideal Autos Inc


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