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Eccles, Vreed en hoop, Vergenoegen , Parika


If you are looking for an interesting, hands-on job with numerous opportunities for career development, join our team. You will have the chance to work with with different stores and  numerous external vendors to find the most cost-effective and efficient methods for acquiring products our company needs. Rather than being confined to an office every day, you’ll have the chance to verify incoming shipments and visit current and potential suppliers’ facilities, as well as attend trade shows. We count on our procurement clerks to successfully satify and exceede the demands of our customers , so we will give you the support and training you need plus a competitive salary and opportunities for advancement.


  •  knowledge of purchasing and experience in procurement is mandatory,

  • ·Good communication, interpersonal, negotiation, planning, organizing, and analytical skills are essential

  • ·Strong thinking and problem-solving skills

  •  Knowledge of Quick Books POS,

  • Must hold a driver's license



1)  Access POS to determine the quantity of supply needed,

 2) Determine if inventory quantities are sufficient through re-order levels or physical counts,

 3)  Prepare purchase orders and send copies to suppliers and to stores originating requests.

3) Respond to store and supplier inquiries about order status, changes, or cancellations.

4) Perform buying duties when necessary.

5) Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other issues.

6) Review requisition in order to verify accuracy, terminology, and specifications.

7) Prepare, maintain, and review purchasing files, reports, and price lists.

8) Compare prices, specifications, and delivery dates in order to determine the best bid among potential suppliers.

9) Track the status of requisitions, contracts, and orders.

10) Check shipments when they arrive to ensure that orders have been filled correctly and that goods meet specifications.

2) Compare suppliers' bills with items and purchase orders in order to verify accuracy.

13) Approve bills for payment.

14) Locate suppliers, using sources such as catalogs and the internet, and interview them to gather information about products to be ordered.

15) Monitor in-house inventory movement and complete inventory transfer forms for bookkeeping purposes.

16) Maintain accuracy.

17) Manage inventory staffs

A Job By

Two2 Brothers Corporation


Two Brothers cooperation operates 7 retail outlets along the East Bank of Essequibo and the East and West bank of Demerara. We distribute quality fuel, lubricants, and LPG. We supply wholesale quantities to our customers who are involved in the areas of mining, shipping, construction, fishing, logging trucking and other business entities throughout Guyana. We are equipped with fuel transportation vessels and fuel delivery trucks for a safe, reliable and accurate delivery service. The Two Brothers Brand owns the largest network of service stations in Guyana. The cooperation also offers a wide range of services such as its wharfage facilities, Ice production complex, rice milling facility, exclusive distributorship of all Gulf Branded lubricants and we are also the sole distributor of all Namilco products. The Two Brothers brand is committed to serving the Guyanese public through its superior customer service, quality, commitment, and innovation.
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