Armed Security Officer


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Chung's Global Inc.


Armed security officers are trained and licensed to carry weapons, which they may use when the persons or locations to which they are assigned are under extreme duress.


Sound Primary or Secondary education and training in military or para military field.

Minimum 3 years experience as an armed security.

Considerable knowledge of weapon repair and maintenance.

General knowledge of various firearms construction.

Knowledge of ballistics to provide court evidence.

Ability to understand and execute oral and written instructions.

Ability to establish effective working relationships.


Services all departmental and personnel weapons.

Inspects and tests new firearms.

Reloads ammunition for firearms training.

Performs repairs to reloading equipment and firearms.

Provides expert court evidence relating to firearms expertise.

Maintaining the security, safety, and sanitation of the armory, and ensuring the armory is used for only for weapons and ammunition storage.

Ensuring that fire extinguishers of the proper type and capacity are in place and fully charged and in compliance with all of the standard safety regulations .

Ensuring that only authorized persons are permitted entry into the armory.

Ensuring that all staff entering and exiting the armory are logged in and out in the Activities Journal during and after normal business hours.

Maintaining armory equipment in a state of readiness at all times.

Maintaining all logs, inventories, inspections of all armory equipment.

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Chung's Global Inc.


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