Baby Sitter / Nanny


Job Location

Cummings Lodge


Baby Sitter / Nanny

a Full Time / Part Time Nanny.

JOB Description : a responsible and caring individual and a natural at working with children. Someone who will be dedicated to keeping a safe and opening environment.


Requirements :

- Previous Experience in teaching and caring for young children.

  • Applicant will be asked to produce at least 2 references and a Recent Police Clearance .

  • Proof of Address and A Form of Identification (ID/ Passport)

Preferable someone with experience in baby sitting roles or daycare.

-Reliable and Punctual

- Must be able to work a flexible schedule.

- Ages 25 -35 (Female)

- Residing in Georgetown or Lower ECD.

- Respect for Family's privacy and confidentiality.


Tasks :

- Supervise or monitor the safety of Child within care at all times.

- Creativity in organizing activities such as playtime , crafts or educational activities.

- Prepare (or already prepared )or Serve meals or snacks as needed .

- Follow Simple instructions on child's Routine, dietary restrictions and any special needs.

- Maintain a clean and organized environment ( toys, food , bath or bed)

- Communicate any issues pertaining the child's concerns ( health, behavior etc.

* Occasionally will be needed on Weekends , Nights etc . With Planning.

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