Welder Foreman


Job Location

Houston, EBD


A Major International Operator is currently seeking a Welder Foreman.


·        Knowledge of the professional environment

·        Action promoting effectiveness

·        Familiar with ARC and TIG welding techniques

·        Familiar with specific properties of filler materials

·        Knowledge of the law and regulations specific to the business

·        Familiar with the Group's Quality standards

·        Ability to summarise

·        Analytical mind

·        Management skills

·        Ability to manage a project

·        Adaptable

·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills


·        Organises and manages technical aspects for his/her entire sector.

·        Responsible for the distribution of welding consumables.

·        Applies marking (date and time) to electrode cases.

·        Checks the validity of cases under vacuum after opening.

·        Responsible for management of drying ovens and updates to oven drying plans.

·        Checks that welding parameters and heat treatment parameters are respected.

·        Performs the dimensional and visual check of chamfers, approach of parts and welds in accordance with the welding book (welding techniques method) and gives permission to weld.

·        Certifies conformity of welds.

·        Initiates the dye penetration test of edges to be welded if necessary.

·        Initiates recording of weld parameters in liaison with the quality controller.

·        Works with the quality controller to monitor N.D.T. before the hydrostatic tests.

·        Marks welds ready for N.D.T. and makes sure that access and lighting are satisfactory.

·        Reports to his manager any faulty equipment for immediate replacement or repairs.

·        Produces and monitors the calendar for his/her sector, defining priorities.

·        Makes a daily report on work done to the quality controllers.

·        Checks welder assignments and verifies that their skills match the type of work to be done.

·        Makes sure that there is good communication between welders and Team leaders.

·        Takes the necessary measures to minimise risks jeopardising Quality, Safety and the Environment.

·        Applies the instructions as regards compliance with HSEQ rules.

·        Supports the HSEQ system by taking part in discussions.

·        Proposes and carries out improvement actions, corrective and/or preventive actions.

·        Undertakes to follow the training necessary to develop his or her skills.

·        May be required to train new hires

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