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We are looking for a skilled Lifting Supervisor to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient execution of lifting operations across our projects. This role requires someone with in-depth knowledge of lifting procedures, an emphasis on safety, and the ability to communicate effectively.


Technical Competencies:

- Expertise in various lifting signals.

- Familiarity with all applicable lifting rules and equipment used.

- Ability to identify unsafe and critical lifts.

- Skills in internal inspection of lifting gear.

- Capability to interpret lifting certificates.

- Knowledge of lifting capacities of equipment such as crawler cranes, telehandlers, excavators, and mobile cranes.

Education and Experience:

- Preferred Education: Master's Degree and certification as an official rigger.

- Language Requirement: Fluent in spoken and written English.

- Experience: Several years of supervisory and rigging experience, preferably on civil job sites or with rental lifting companies.


1. Interrelations:

- Reports To: Technical/Operational Superintendent as required.

- Internal Communication: With project team members.

- External Communication: Not applicable unless accompanied by a staff member.



2. Responsibilities and Authorities:

- Develop standard lifting procedures for various types of loads.

- Prepare lifting plans and procedures.

- Conduct LMRA (Last Minute Risk Assessment) prior to every risk.

- Prepare JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) and SWP (Safe Work Practices).

- Oversee rigging operations for various loads, ensuring adherence to best lifting practices.

- Supervise the inspection and housekeeping of lifting materials.

- Notify the supervisor about critical lifts.

- Holds the authority to interrupt or halt any unsafe lifting procedure.



3. Key Performance Indicators:

- Effective communication.

- Ownership and accountability.

- Authority in decision-making.

- Emphasis on safety.

- Positive attitude.

- Flexibility in operations.

- Preciseness in execution.

- Planning proficiency.

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