Human Resources Manager


Job Location

Georgetown, Guyana


Under the Supervision of the General Manager, your role will be to define and implement an HR policy with respect to the norms and directives of the company.  


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In particular, you will assume the following tasks:


Social Relations


  • Enforce the Employer's obligations regarding the information and consultation required
  • Negotiate and follow company agreements governing operation
  • Define the Company's strategy in relation to its social partners and stakeholders
  • Manage negotiations with unions
  • Provide the Company with a clear vision of the demanded field and ensure consistent treatment



Disciplinary power

  • Ensure compliance with disciplinary laws and regulations
  • Pre-Validate any transactional agreements related to disciplinary disputes or termination of employment contracts



Administrative Management and Management of Staff


  • Draft employment contracts and any relevant amendments
  • Ensure administrative follow-up on employee files
  • Manage social etiquette


Payroll management


  • Ensure compliance with internal processes with respect to payroll across the various departments
  • Establish employee payroll
  • Ensure allocation of the various funds
  • Prepare and establish social and legal declarations
  • Manage attendance (paid leave, illnesses, various absences, etc.)
  • Manage Account balances
  • Manage relationships with social organizations
  • Assist operational staff in matters of social law and payroll.
  • Assist operational staff with payroll and social matters.


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Newrest Guyana


Newrest is Specialist in out-of-home catering in 57 countries, and the only player to intervene in all sectors of catering and related services, Newrest is one of the world leaders in multi-sector catering. Our 29,500 committed and talented employees do what is necessary to offer consumers balanced, diversified and tasty meals while scrupulously respecting hygiene and food safety standards.
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