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The incumbent will be responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities and personnel of assigned area to maintain security and safety of people and property. Conduct briefings and coordinate training and special assignments. You would also be responsible for scheduling shifts for the security officers, coordinating with other security personnel at the facility, and communicating with company superiors. Logging of daily activities, help respond to security situations, and assist law enforcement officers with investigations whenever an incident takes place.


  • Minimum of five (5) years experience in security

  • Supervisory experience will be an asset

  • Ability to provide training on security policies and procedures

  • High level of communication skills

  • Must be observant

  • Detail-oriented

  • Knowledge of First Aid


  • Supervises the activities of subordinates. Visit and inspect officers on location.

  • Schedules security personnel to cover designated facilities and shifts.

  • Patrols assigned areas on foot, checking for fires, vandalism, suspicious activity or persons or safety/fire hazards.

  • Check surveillance cameras periodically to identify disruptions or unlawful acts.

  • Investigate people for suspicious activity or possessions.

  • Respond to alarms by investigating and assessing the situation.

  • Apprehend and detain perpetrators according to legal protocol before arrival of authorities

  • Submit reports of daily surveillance activity and important occurrences

  • Investigates security breaches, incidents, and other alarming behavior.

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