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The Product Owner is focused on the product development side, acting as a liaison between customers and the internal teams to ensure that the product meets customer needs and expectations.


Software Integrations:

• Mixpanel, Posthog, Google Analytics: Analytics tools for tracking user interaction with the


• GSuite: For document and spreadsheet management.

• Slack, Asana: Communication and project management tools.


Key Responsibilities:

Customer Interview Coordination: Scheduling and managing notes from customer interviews to

gather feedback.

Customer Feedback Organization: Structuring customer feedback for easy access and reporting.

Product Documentation Review: Ensuring product documentation accurately reflects the

current state and plans for the product.

Product Diagram Preparation: Assisting in the creation of product diagrams to visualize the

product's components and architecture.

Team Coordination: Working closely with UX/UI designers, the development team, and the

customer success team to ensure product alignment with user needs and business goals.

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