Vehicle Dispatcher


Job Location

Prashad Nagar, Georgetown


The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be responsible for the acceptance, processing, and, effective

coordination toward the allocation (dispatch, dispensing, and maneuvering) of all vehicles, in a

timely basis using the transportation logistics software.

This Job is on a Shift system.


Educational Level

The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) should possess a minimum secondary school certification. With pass in English A.

Skills & Competencies

  • All Vehicle Dispatchers must possess excellent, clear communication skills.
  • All Vehicle Dispatchers must possess confidence and skill in the use of radios to support effective dispatching of vehicles/drivers.
  • All Vehicle Dispatchers must be very familiar with the local geography and traffic conditions as well as strong knowledge regarding all traffic laws, streets, roads, highways, safe passage areas and high-risk zones.
  • All Vehicle Dispatchers should possess proactive and forward-thinking decision-making capabilities such that effective decisions can be taken to ensure response at short notice. Vehicle Dispatchers should be good problem solvers, able to work under pressure and be able to handle concurrent tasks and activities. All Vehicle Dispatchers should be highly ethical, and confident to instill these requirements in all other Supplier personnel and transport users.
  • All Vehicle Dispatchers must be able to efficiently use the transportation logistics software


Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be responsible for coordinating all transportation demands in a manner which ensure optimization and effective utilization of all general use pool vehicles and drivers.
  • Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be fully available for rostering when required, up to a 24-hour, 7 days per week basis.
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be responsible for the effective planning of all tasks, routine and non-routine, to include assignment and preparation of the vehicle(s), and Driver(s).
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be responsible for maintaining any and all regular and routine passenger vehicle pick-up and drop-off service schedules, e.g. airport shuttle vehicle, etc.
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will maintain a dispatch order log, recording all movements of vehicles/drivers/passengers, and track the movement of all vehicles on a continual basis.
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be responsible for collecting all daily vehicle checklists and data as required for KPI’s.
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will be responsible for reporting all vehicle faults to the Company’s Ground Transport personnel.
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher(s) will also be responsible for any tasks associated with operation of the General Use Pool as determined necessary by the Fleet Operations Supervisor.
  • The Vehicle Dispatcher will be responsible for all aspects of Fleet Data provision and fuel management under the supervision of the FOM, and Company ground transport personnel.
  • Working closely with the Company Fuel Coordinator to ensure accuracy of analysis and good quality of all documents required by Company.
  • Interfacing with all personnel for data collection. Vehicle Dispatcher(s) should possess high skills in the use of radio and telephone equipment including the use of cellular telephones. Vehicle Dispatcher(s) should possess basic-computing skills to include use of personal computers and Microsoft software applications such as Word and Excel.
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of help topics, technician abilities, and job scheduling
  • Direct customers or clients to relevant departments for questions relating to products or services received
  • Keep detailed records of call information, relevant location, and vehicles dispatched
  • Use computer systems to manage dispatch schedules, record call details, and create reports
  • Plan and organise driver and technician work by creating effective schedules, using knowledge of driving routes, geography, and traffic patterns
  • Demonstrate strong questioning and assessment skills when speaking to someone in an emergency, handle each call with calmness, and update the caller with any relevant information as soon as possible

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