Operations Manager


Job Location

Georgetown, Guyana


The Operations Manager ensures the continuous improvement of the company through co-ordination, development, analysis and monitoring of strategic and operational plans and systems. As Assistant to the Managing Director, he/she provides support to and represents the Managing Director as required and is required to work closely with the management team and Trinre’s Premier Liaison to achieve the desired goals and objectives. All activities must conform to organizational guidelines and standards and to all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.


  • MBA

  • At least eight (5) years in a senior management position

  • Strategic Planning

  • Forecasting and Budgeting

  • Financial Planning

  • Proven Leadership Ability

  • Grasp of Data Analysis; Performance Metrics

  • Knowledge of Technology as an Enabler

  • Personal Integrity

  • Ability to diagnose problems quickly

  • In-depth understanding of the Insurance industry, including Regulatory and Legal Requirements



  • Act as a strategic partner on the leadership team.

  • Coordinate and manage corporate projects to ensure project delivery within allotted budget, timelines and specifications;

  • Provide direction and guidance to internal teams to achieve performance targets;

  • Develops, monitors and continuously enhances growth strategies in all areas of the business.

  • Identify and implement continuous improvement initiatives to increase business efficiency;

  • Coordinate with stakeholders and management in integrating business processes throughout the organization;

  • Develop and monitor key performance indicators and other metrics to optimize productivity and business performance as per strategic and operational plans/ budget;

  • Work closely with the Management Team to build and monitor business and unit plans that are aligned to the company’s strategic plan;

  • Produces analyses and reports on Strategy execution and all areas of responsibility.

Corporate Governance

  • Manage the development and monitor the implementation of corporate policies and procedures throughout the organization in keeping with the requirements of the company’s Corporate Governance Risk and Compliance framework


  • Manage general administrative areas of the company including, but not limited to facility management and development, leases, accommodation, furniture and fittings

  • and other company assets;

  • Monitor and manage business operations to meet customer expectations and company goals;

  • Identify problems in operations processes and resolve them in a quickly and timely manner;

  • Evaluate current business operational results/performance and provide plan for improvements;

  • Assist in design and implementation of business workflows and procedures throughout the company to improve quality, efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits and control;

  • Develop and maintain operational guidelines throughout the company;

  • Prepare reports including operation metrics, financial controls and performance indicators that will help in improving business performance;

  • Analyze business operational results and provide recommendations for improvements.

Employee Engagement:

  • Foster a success-oriented, accountable culture and environment.


  • Represents the company at various forums.

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Eve Anderson Recruitment Guyana Inc.


Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited was founded in 1970 and pioneered the recruitment industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Since its inception, we were the leading staffing provider to local and multinational companies entering Trinidad and Tobago and played a major contribution to managing key events in the country’s history. Today, we look forward to continuing this legacy and further developing the organization. We have established our sister company in Guyana in 2020, Eve Anderson Recruitment Guyana Inc.

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