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To ensure all goods are maintained and in order for timely distribution. General maintenance of the office and warehouse facilities are also a key priority for all storekeepers.


  • At least 2 – 3 years of experience in storekeeping, inventory control or record keeping.

  • Positive work attitude and good team player.

  • Must be organized and punctual.

  • Willing to work after working hour or during non-working days.

  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision.

  • Able to start immediate / short notice.

  • Well-presented and professional.

  • Minimum high school qualification or equivalent.

  • Prior experience in retail.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


To order goods and supplies to ensure that minimum stock levels are maintained.

•To liaise with senior managers on the ordering of goods which fall outside the agreed financial parameters.

•To order all items through approved suppliers only, obtaining permission for ordering any items which are only available through an alternate source.

•To ensure that goods received are of the quality and quantity ordered and in accordance with the agreed price.

•To ensure the timely and correct completion of all administrational respect of deliveries.

•To complete all documentation and take the necessary action incases of non-delivery, substandard deliveries or over pricing.

•To ensure that all items are stored correctly, in terms of temperature, humidity and shelf life and that no food items are stored on the floor.

•To ensure that all chemical and non-food items are kept away and separate from food.

•To ensure correct stock rotation and that issues are affected on a first in, first out basis and first expiry first out basis.

•To ensure that all issues are made against requisitions and that no items leave the storeroom without the appropriate documentation or signature.

•To ensure maximum security of all storeroom areas, that no unauthorized person enters the stores or is issued with a key allowing access.

•To inform management and follow agreed procedures in the case of spoilage or damage of any item.

•To take stock at prescribed intervals and ensure that all necessary administration is completed without delay.

•To attend meetings or training courses as required.

•To motivate staff to maintain all safe procedures to achieve QHSE Targets and objectives.

•To effectively supervise staff to ensure all HSE rules &procedures are followed and hazards/ near miss and accidentsare properly reported.

•To raise HSE/Hazard awareness by actively participating in allHSE meetings.

•To follow Newrest HSE plan and achieve HSE targets set inyearly HSE Plan.

•To ensure that all materials and equipment are not left in adangerous state and stored in order and safe way.

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